"Their music had a majority of the crowd focused on the stage while dancing to the music being created by this four-piece band. The response from the crowd afterward was very positive. Just a couple of comments I heard, and read, were “I loved them” to “The best new band I’ve heard in a long time”. I couldn’t agree more. With statements like that, this band has a promising outlook on their musical endeavors."

- Allen (Rockin' Al) Heimberger - The Rust Belt Chronicles


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"For the B-Side, the band worked up a static-y, Nine Inch Nails-inspired cover of the Erasure tune "A Little Respect."

Jeff Niesel

Cleveland Scene Magazine
Sweet and evasive electro-pop. This EP reveals a fresh title song and cool remixes.

Side-Line Magazine

"A track that would make Trent Reznor proud"

Matheson Kamin

The Rustbelt Chronicles
The effectively eerie “Pictures in the Sky” features hushed vocals and pulsating synths, and the piano ballad “I’m Okay” has a subtle intensity to it.

Jeff Niesel

Cleveland Scene Magazine
Right out of the gate, the self-analyzing ‘Pictures in the Sky’ introduces echostep as an endeavor with a sound fairly unique unto itself. Young’s vocals are almost within the realm of Phil Collins, but his instrumentation walks a closer line to someone like Brian Eno. Beginning as a very atmospheric, eerie piece, ‘Pictures in the Sky’ eventually evolves into a rock-esque creation that puts Young’s anthemic vocals and lyrics and its center.

Brett David Stewart

The Independent Spotlight